None injured in fender bender in front of Chancellor’s house

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Hurrying over to the bookstore sale may have been the cause of a collision with some parked cars in front of the Chancellor’s house on Feb. 28.

A woman driving an SUV was going as fast as 40 mph, despite two speed bumps on the stretch of road, police said.

She was distracted by eating a girl scout cookie, the female driver said.

The dean of the Honors College went out to find his car pushed into an adjacent vehicle, with scratches on his car and two others.

The woman was able to drive away, and was soon spotted over at the bookstore sale.


Bookstore unloads apparel up to 75% off


The campus bookstore started a huge sale at the end of February to get rid of as much apparel as possible. Students and staff received an email Feb. 27 about large markdowns– up to 75 percent off school-branded clothing.

The bookstore is under new management, so they’re clearing out old inventory to bring in their own. Shoppers loaded up, although most of the deals were on hoodies and sweatshirts.

Chemical company violates DEQ standards

Chemours.svgThe Chemours Company in Bladen County was cited for failure to take required action, after a December letter from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. Chemours must treat or control storm-water and waste-water, and reduce emissions into the air that might be causing groundwater contamination, the department said.

Rainfall mixed with their chemical, GenX, caused contaminated stormwater to be discharged into the Cape Fear River in November.

GenX pollution in October resulted in contaminated wells at homes near the plant. Those residents are still receiving bottled water.

Flu deaths rising in NC


State health officials continue to encourage vaccinations as flu activity spreads in North Carolina.

They say the vaccine has decreased the risk of getting the flu by about one-third. The vaccination doesn’t prevent all forms of influenza, but it helps protect people who are at a higher risk.

This season in North Carolina, 165 people died from complications of the flu. Of those deaths, 118 were people 65 years old or older.

Doctors urge treatment as early as possible, so contact your personal doctor immediately if you think you’ve come down with the flu.

Future School of Business receives donation

A Raeford couple gifted $1 million dollars to UNCP toward the completion of the new School of Business.

Wyatt Upchurch, a leading Turkey farmer in the region, and his wife Mary, will name the building’s auditorium in honor of their son, who died from Leukemia in 1976.

Upchurch said he learned business at the “School of Hard Knocks.” He hopes the new building will attract many enthusiastic students to a formal business education.

Gun sighting in off-campus apartment complex

No Gun.png
Gun are not allowed on UNCP’s campus, as well as some off-campus apartments like Pembroke Pointe.

Students were alerted at 2 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 17, about two men allegedly carrying guns at Pembroke Pointe Apartments.

Only one man was wearing a black hoodie and one was in a camouflage hoodie, Campus Police said in an email and BraveAlert. Later in the day, safety officials said they found no subjects fitting the description and no threat to public safety.

Although North Carolina is an open-carry state, Pembroke Pointe is a private property that does not allow guns on the premises.

Racial photo sparks Blackout on campus

Students gather outside of the University Center chanting “Ain’t no power like the power of the people ’cause the power of the people don’t stop.”

A photo that spread like wildfire across social media, sparked controversy on campus. This resulted in a demonstration by African-American students outside of the University Center on Feb. 15.

The picture was Air-dropped to iPhones in the UC and made rounds among many more. The photo says, “When you just wanna fit in with the black girls,” and features a selfie of a UNCP student wearing what appears to be brown makeup.

Concerned students held a “Blackout” to discuss their demands for diversity training and other measures the university could take. Student and faculty leaders addressed the group, and Chancellor Robin Cummings shared his reaction, which he had also published earlier in the week.

The student has been identified as a current member of Tri Sigma Sorority, and the photo was taken in 2015.

If administrators know who recirculated it, they’re not saying, because of federal privacy laws.

Triana Springfield, one of the organizers, says she hopes the student in the photo has changed.

Be careful this flu season

hands washingFlu_Shot_Advertising

Gov. Roy Cooper urges all North Carolina residents to take extra precautions to avoid catching the flu. It has claimed at least 140 North Carolina residents since October 2017. The flu is still actively spreading throughout the state.

There are a few simple actions people can take to fight the flu. Those steps include:

  1. Getting a flu shot.
  2. Washing your hands.
  3. Covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze.
  4. Staying home if you have the flu.

Library changes coming soon

The Mary Livermore Library at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke is being updated.

There has been a decreased amount of space for studying in the library with more students attending UNCP.

They’ll remove unnecessary walls and rooms in order to create more of those high-demand spaces, Dean of Library Services Dr. Dennis Swanson said. Swanson also plans to create a better entrance, the coffee shop, a new reference desk and a soundproof glass room. Improvements could be finished by 2019.

Swanson encourages all students to make good use of the library.

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