Campus flooding and power outage takes its toll on students

Campus Flooding
Sidewalks and roadways are nearly completely covered in water outside Lumbee Hall.

The campus of UNCP lost power in the afternoon of October 8th, after Hurricane Matthew hit the region. The next morning students woke to flooded roads and parking lots; still without electricity. Several campus facilities were unapproachable, and many thoroughfares on and off campus were nearly impassable on foot, and certainly not by most vehicles. Students were encouraged to leave campus as best they could. Although no gas stations could operate, those who were temporarily stuck tried to huddle around the two solar chargers on campus. With the electricity out, cooking and refrigeration was a problem. As a solution, Sodexo served sandwiches or hamburgers, to feed as many students as they could, regardless of their meal plan status. Students were in pretty good spirits on the first day, before the long-term effects were apparent..


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