Trump rally in Fayetteville in national spotlight

Donald Trump standing at podium with audience visible behind him.
Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump addressed fans in the Crown Coliseum on February 9.

At the Trump rally in Fayetteville the candidate promised to bring jobs back and keep businesses from moving overseas. He mentioned the air-conditioning manufacturer Carrier in particular, which announced in February it was phasing out 1,400 jobs in Indiana to move operations to Mexico. Trump said he would get tariffs enacted on any Carrier product coming back to the U.S.

Crowd holds up signs in support of Donald Trump for president of the United States.
Trump supporters nearly filled the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, where the capacity is listed as 8,500.

Trump praised waterboarding, said the the country has become weak on protestors, and autographed a poster showing a fictional “TrumpWall” at the Mexican border. Trump boasted of his conservative endorsements, such as Jerry Falwell, Jr., the president of Liberty University, and controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio in New Mexico.


Man wearing t-shirt that says Love is the Answer is led up the steps by deputies.
Anyone wearing an anti-Trump t-shirt was yelled at by Trump supporters until county deputies removed them.

The Trump rally attracted national attention when a man was charged for throwing an elbow to the face of a protestor, who was being led out peacefully by sheriff’s deputies. Trump could hardly complete a thought at the rally, because of frequent interruptions when supporters would demand ouster of the mostly-silent demonstrators. Trump himself would get distracted and heckle these opponents.

Protestors carry posters and use a bullhorn to shout protest chants protected by city police.
Some of the protestors outside were individuals who had been ejected from the coliseum by the Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies earlier that evening.

Outside the Crown Coliseum after the event, Trump supporters lingered to heckle protestors in the parking lot. Fayetteville City Police formed a line to keep the parties from physical contact. The Coliseum has a capacity of about 8,500. The small protest could be attributed to local colleges being on Spring Break.



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